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  • How to install a bat house

    Bat house installation tips
  • How to Attract Bats and Keep Them Coming Back

    Bats are so important and humans simply won't be able to survive without them! Here are the 5 most tried and proved ways to attract them to your bat house and keep them coming back after hibernation!
  • Common Misconceptions About Bats

    Bats have a special and very inaccurate place in pop culture for representing and invoking the scary, dark, unknown and all too powerful evils. Yes some bats can look very mean and unusual, but bats are battling an unfair and inaccurate reputation that may be contributing to why they don't receive as much support in their conservation as they should.
  • The Importance of Bats and Why Humans Can't Live Without Them

    Not many people are aware that by providing a habitat for microbats we are not only supporting the health and growth of their populations, but in return the bats will: naturally eliminate mosquitoes, help fertilize your soil, and save you money by doing those things!