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Why We Love Bats

Bats play a role in an interconnected natural system that is directly responsible for the health of ecosystems and human economies around the world. "Yet they are also among the most misunderstood of animals" -BCI

Why do you need a bat house?

Because you'd like to reduce mosquitoes on your property in the most natural and effective way while enjoying a healthier lawn thanks to bat guano- a natural fungicide and a powerful fertilizer. All while supporting the bats!

Our 4-Compartment bat house collection

100% Western Cedar Wood


Easy to install


Built to Last


What our customers are saying

Affordable but very high quality bat box. It also has very clear mounting instructions and tips to attract bats. I am very happy with this product. I can’t wait to get it on our barn.

Jeff Schmidt

Very well constructed bathouse with two chambers. I have purchased other houses in the past and I've had to paint them myself so very happy that this one came pre painted and it looks great! Looking forward to bats moving in in the spring!

Melanie Sabler

Was really impressed by the great packaging. This is a well-built bat house, I'm going to buy a second one and install them back to back. Also thought the PDF guide on how to attract bats was so informative!

Sonal G.

How many bat houses will I need?

It depends on the size of your property, but it is recommended to install 1 to 2 bat houses per acre.

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