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Why we love and support bats, birds and bees

Bats play a role in an interconnected natural system that is directly responsible for the health of ecosystems and human economies around the world. "Yet they are also among the most misunderstood of animals" -BCI

Cavity-nesting birds typically seek natural spots such as old trees or woodpecker holes. But they are facing increasing levels of habitat loss due to deforestation, land commercialization, and aggressive competition by invasive bird species.

Mason bees are reliable, hard-working and efficient pollinators of plants and fruits. They are easy to keep and maintain, and a single female mason bee will visit nearly 2,000 blossoms a day!

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What our customers are saying

Was really impressed by the great packaging. This is a well-built bat house, I'm going to buy a second one and install them back to back. Also thought the PDF guide on how to attract bats was so informative!

Sonal G.

We highly recommend this bluebird house - the construction is excellent and the features it offers you wont find easily any where else. We put two up yesterday and one is already being inspected by a bluebird!

Donna Jakubek

Iā€™m so happy with my bee house! The packaging was great, and it only took two screws to install! The design & craftsmanship is very professional, a really beautifully made bee house. I definitely plan on getting more!

Leah Smith

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