The Importance of Bats and Why Humans Can't Live Without Them

The Importance of Bats and Why Humans Can't Live Without Them

Not many people are aware that by providing a habitat for microbats we are not only supporting the health and growth of their populations, but in return the bats will:

  • Naturally eliminate mosquitoes and unwanted insects from your garden because that’s what most microbats feed on.
  • Fertilize your soil with guano which also happens to be a natural fungicide.
  • Save you a considerable amount of money!

4 Reasons Bats Are so Important

Think of bats as a piece of a puzzle that fulfills a niche role in a very large, extremely intricate and interconnected natural system that is responsible for the health of ecosystems and human economies around the world. And when bat populations are affected by disease or unsustainable farming practices, that in turn affects everything else they’re connected to.

Our planet depends on bats in four crucial ways that are not directly visible to most people:

#1 - Pest Control

Insectivorous bats play an important role in controlling insect populations that are damaging to crops. Not only do bats contribute to the commercial availability and affordability of things like cotton, watermelon, corn and other important crops, but they also reduce the need for the agricultural industry to use harmful pesticides.

#2 - Pollination

Numerous deserts and rainforests depend on bats to maintain the health of their ecosystems. And some plants like the Agave depend on bats for their reproduction. Such a natural relationship has evolved over a long time and it is responsible for providing things like bananas, peaches, durian, cloves, and the tequila in your Margarita!

#3 - Fertilization

Bat droppings (guano) are a natural fertilizer rich with nutrients. Guano can also improve the texture and health of your soil as it contains very useful microbes that flush out toxicity.

#4 - Seed Dispersion

Bats are very effective at helping restore forests that are cleared every year for logging, agriculture, and ranching. Fruit-eating bats disperse seeds and guano over vast ravaged forestlands in economically efficient ways that birds or humans can’t match.


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