Bird House (Nestbox)
Bird House (Nestbox)
Bird House (Nestbox)
Bird House (Nestbox)
Bird House (Nestbox)
Bird House (Nestbox)
Bird House (Nestbox)
Bird House (Nestbox)
Bird House (Nestbox)
Bird House (Nestbox)

Bird House (Nestbox)

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WHITEHORSE presents its new collection of premium bird houses. This high-quality nest box is made from 100% FSC western cedar wood, and it is built to last outdoors.


    • Select a bird house size based on your location on the provided bird-range map.
    • Mounting two bird houses will help more than one bird species co-exist in your backyard and reduce the competition between them for the same nest box.
    • Shop with confidence: to ensure your satisfaction, we offer free returns or replacement within 30 days of purchase.


    • Weatherproof: Vent holes are cut at an upward angle to keep rainwater out; A double roof reduces overheating; Floor is recessed by 3/4" to keep the nest dry; Dado joints keep this birdhouse dry and less drafty.
    • Well-Built: Made from 3/4" thick western cedar wood; A stainless steel guard prevents animals from enlarging the hole; A 1" thick wooden guard thwarts predators; Decking screws used instead of nails for a long-lasting construction.
    • Easy to install: Included: 4 exterior-grade screws, detailed installation tips, and our popular guide on how to maintain your nestbox and successfully attract your desired bird species.
    • Birds love it: Inspired by the very successful Gilwood and XBOX birdhouses, we created this bird house with two different cavity and entry hole sizes:
      • A 15 square inch floor with a 1 1/2" entry hole, attractive to Eastern Bluebirds, Titmice, Chickadees, Nuthatches and other species.
      • A 22 square inch floor with a 1 9/16" entry hole, attractive to Western and Mountain Bluebirds, Tree Swallows, Nuthatches and other species.
    • Support Bluebird populations: A great nestbox for creating a trail. Give bluebirds a shelter and enjoy the benefits of attracting them to your property:
      • Less mosquitoes in your yard.
      • An ambience enhanced by bluebird songs.
      • Bird-watching is a relaxing and stress-reducing activity.
    • Free eBook: We created a short guide with a ton of tried and proven methods on how to attract bluebirds and other species and keep them coming back every season.
    • Earth conscious: The cedar wood used in this bird house is 100% FSC. That means it is sourced from a certified forest that is managed with consideration for people, wildlife and the environment.
    • Happiness Guaranteed: We stand by the quality of this bird box and we are confident that it will last longer than similar products. If the product you receive does not meet your expectations for any reason, just reach out to us. We'd love to have the opportunity to make things right for you!

    WHITEHORSE - Look no further for a bird house, we got you covered.